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情緒對焦 Emotion as manual focus lens






Emotions are like manual focus lens as we need to be patient and take time in focusing. When we allow emotions to channel through us, the vision of our life will be aligned inside out and clearly focused. Otherwise, they will blur our vision and everything would be lost in unclarity. Emotions, neither good or bad, as long as we are willing to listen and embrace at heart.

*多年前,我很喜歡攝影瑜珈相,以下照片是香港好友Echo的倩影。I photographed my dear friend Echo in Hong Kong many years ago.

#emotion #情緒 #listeningtoemotions 聆聽情緒 #情緒管理#emotionmanagement #yogaphotography 瑜珈攝影 #情緒不分好壞#thereisnobademotion #烏溪沙

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