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情緒 Emotions

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

思索了一下,若要分享瑜伽對我的幫助,第一個主題一定是「情緒」! 我以前的情緒起伏很大,但開始跟帕薩德老師學習瑜伽後,獲得很大的改善。 這個影片分享了我對瑜珈學說「五身層」的小小心得,內容主要是延伸解釋「情緒」和「價值觀(信念)」之間的關係。 若您對五身層想進一步了解,歡迎參閱我的另一篇文章(連結如下)。

Above video is talking from my experience on learning the relationship between emotions and beliefs in life based on my Guru Prasad’s teaching on Pancha Kosha in Yoga. I used to be very emotional to a point that I couldn’t control my mood swing and the flunctuation of my emotions drained my life away. My Guru explains that emotion is enery in motion, a messenger. Underneath the emotions, it’s our value and belief towards life. With limiting belief, he said, “ it’s like rubbish in the bin and the odor is like emotion.” Usually we will clean the bin rather than covering it up; however, what we would do with emotions is very often to ignore it and suppress it. What I did before is to suppress my emotions and mistakenly consider this is a sign of matuirty. After I studied yoga with my Guru, I gradually realise the best to tame our emotion is to accept, listen and use it as a tool to bring more awareness into life. If you are interested in Pancha Kosha thoery, below link is for further study :)

Sad Girl sitting Photo by Andrew Le on Unsplash

Happy Girl smiling Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

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