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愛與光 Love and Light





因為,「愛與光的泉源」在每個人的心中,這是瑜珈給予我最大的領悟。 這份光明的力量人人都有,只是被遺忘了。


以下的靜心引導,短短十分鐘,讓我們再次發光,再次將源源不絕的愛傳送出去。 除了「瑜珈理論很實用」和「生活體會法」之外,「靜下心來」是關於靜心引導的短片系列,我希望能夠陸續分享更多瑜珈的智慧。


In the begining of 2020, I made a wish to share something related to Yoga or health at least once every week on social media. And I have been thinking to make some videos about meditation. Finally I recorded my 1st guided meditaiton video this week! The topic is about love and light. Why is it then? Because the most important realization in my Yoga path is that " I am the love and light". This inner love and light is in everyone but we often forget this gift within. Below guided meditation is to let us remember again that we are the source of endless love and light, and pass them on to the world. To work on our inner world is the first step to make this outer world a better place. It's guided in in mandarin chinese but I hope I can made another version in English soon later on 🙂

**背景音樂來自以下網站,非常感謝作者Kevin Macleod願意提供這麼好的音樂讓人免費下載使用。Meditation Music For Relaxation And Dreaming by Kevin Macleod from***

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