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揚升自己!Lift yourself by your own efforts

Updated: May 8, 2020






I am very grateful for having my Guru Prasad in this life. He has been nudging me constantly to face my ego self and limited mind.

This is the key point in the path of Yoga. We as individuals have to make the efforts by one's own to transform our life. Guru will guide you but you have to walk the path.

I clearly remembered a cloudy and gloomy day; however, there was one patchy area without any clouds and I could see blue and bright above the darkness.

The scene really inspired me and later on I learned from the Bhagavid Gita 6.5, " Elevate yourself through the power of your mind, and not degrade yourself, for the mind can be the friend and also the enemy of the self."

Einstein also said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."

No matter the issues or problems are from family, work or society, we have to fly high by our own efforts in order to resolve them. Otherwise, we will be the same loop of questioning and doubting over and over again.

In the time of Corona virus, it is challenging to me as well. Guru Prasad reminds us that we have to use this opporunity to enhance our awareness by observing how we "react" to the news flooding into our mind every day.

Once we are aware of how we react, there is a chance to pause our impulsiveness and drive the course of thought direction to wider and higher perspective for flying high:)

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