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每次在香港教授團體班時,我都會在做體位法之前,花5到10分鐘,分享一些生活的體驗,或者瑜珈古老的智慧。 因此,結合「生活的體會」和「瑜珈的體位」,我計劃在網路上分享一系列的「生活體會法」,短短十分鐘,讓我們動身又動腦。



In my group yoga yoga class, I always spend 5 to 10 mins to share some insight into life or wisdom from yoga. Therefore, I am planning to video some yoga poses together with some thoughts on life. In this video, I am reflecting on the anchor of life. Do we know our anchor in life and is it liberating or limiting us? Likewise, I feel our body also has an anchor, which is our pelvis. Our pelvis is the area connecting upper and lower body. When we sit down, it has a function of supporting our torso. In standing, it transmits weights from torso to lower limbs. Two simple exercises and one Asana are introduced in this video for mobilising and strengthening our pelvis.

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