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Happiness is a by-product! 「快樂」是一個副產品!

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I used to consider Yoga as a tool to escape from the stress. By simply stretching and sweating, it does relieve the tension from my body as well as mind. Yoga was one of various activities I tried out in order to pursue the state of feeling happy.

Not long ago I read a book written by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He pointed out that happiness is only a by-product, not an objective. All of a sudden his works awoke me and made me realise that I had been chasing the tail of happiness!

It also echoes how I feel about photography. There have been ups and downs in the journey of learning photography but I am not discouraged by any unhappy moments or incidents.

Every experience, happy and unhappy, altogether strengthen my faith and passion in this path.


不久前,拜讀了一本薩姜米龐 仁波切的著作。書中提到,「快樂不是人生目標,而是副產品」。剎那間,有如當頭棒喝般將我喚醒。




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