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Yes, I am Sensitive & Emotional! 是的,既敏感又情緒化的我!

Since my childhood, I have been labeled as a sensitive kid. In a society of praising high emotional intelligence, I used to supress inner feelings and hide my emotions in order to appear matured and professional in both personal and work life.

In short, I onced hated being highly sensitive and totally disregarded my emotions!

About 9 years ago, I was exhausted psychologically and experienced turbulent emotions in every second even though my career was taking off in England and everything was fine in the outer world.

One day I felt so drained and my mind kept criticizing myself why being so emotional. I was lying on my bed and might fall asleep with this question spinning in my head.

I dreamt that I was standing in front of the ocean at stormy weather.

There was a man. He pointed at the ocean and asked me if I like it.

I said, "Yes, I do", with an image of a calm blue ocean on a sunny day in my mind.

He then replied, " Emotion is like an ocean. It can be peaceful and loving as well as wild and scary, Why do you like its serenuty but dislike its turbulence? No matter how it changes, it's the very same ocean in nature."

Right after he said so, I was awake and his words made me ponder for many years...

In writing down this experience, it occurred to me that emotions are like manual focus camera lens, they are great when you have the patience and know how to use them. Otherwise,they will blur your vison and you can't see things clearly.

Gradually I have learned to honor my feeings and appreciate my emotions as they are the guides that reveal the inner truth.

I may not want to listen to them first but they will always be there to ensure I am alighed and focused in my path.












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