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My Experience with Ai’s Sound Healing Meditation 松井.愛老師的頌缽冥想- 我的經驗談

Ai and I were introduced to each other by our beloved Guru Prasad.

Out of curiosity, I signed up her singing bowl meditation. During the session, I quietly lied down and listened to her improvised music with various Himalayan singing bowls. Nothing overwhelming, the purity from her music is beyond any words. It’s like water, formless, flowing and penentrating. My mind is floating with rhythm of her music, becoming calmn and crystal clear. In the end of session, she gave each participant indvidual healing with her singing bowl. Next day I woke up from a dreamless night and strongly felt my body was in great joy. The only reason I could relate to was the sound healing I received yesterday. Since then, I have become regular participant in Ai’s sound therapy class.

Miracle happens in an instant while Healing progresses over time. It works on your subtle body without your consciousness, however, you do sense something deep happening within.

In July 2016, we travelled together from Hong Kong to India for our yoga teacher training. It is our ultimate blessing that our Guru suggested us to partner together in Yoga.

You may get more insight into Ai’s therapy from her blogs and facebook page, and the images will tell you everything about her.

Facebook page: Ishita , Love and Life


出於好奇,我參加了她的頌缽靜心課程。在過程中,我在她即興敲奏各式喜馬拉雅頌缽的音樂中,靜靜地躺著。愛的音樂,有如行雲流水般,清澈、無形、滲透人心。我的心思隨著樂聲漸漸放鬆、也變得寧靜了。最後,她將頌缽擺放在參與者的身上,傳送額外的聲音能量 。當天,我睡了一個無夢的好覺,一早醒來,覺得身體的每個細胞都充滿了喜悅!我不知道什麼原因,卻隨即想到昨天愛的頌缽音樂。




Facebook page: Ishita , Love and Life

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