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2nd Trial - I AM LOVE with Senses, Sounds and Serenity 第二場推廣試堂,「我是愛」- 瑜珈靜心與頌缽

2nd Trial, " I AM LOVE" with Senses, Sounds and Serenity. Thank you for creating such beautiful Sunday morning. It is amazing to feel the energy flowing through us and going deeper and deeper into our breath and poses.

Beautiful, each of you, totally falling in love with what I experienced this morning!!

第二場推廣試堂,「我是愛」- 瑜珈靜心與頌缽。感謝你們今天一起創造出如此美麗的能量與空間。在頌缽祥和的音樂中,能量在彼此間流動,幫助我們更深層地在呼吸與體位法中,向內觀照。


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