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Just like Lotus 如蓮一般

Updated: May 5, 2020













I may appear to be decisive and quick in daily life but in my heart, I am very slow in terms of expressing my deep emotions.

This is how I feel about this retreat. So many touching moments and so many emotions, it will take a while for me to digest and to comprehend.

Energy follows attention and you will find your path by focusing on what you love. For instance, we met each other this life and had wonderful time in I-Lan by simply following our hearts.

On the 3rd day after the retreat, the 1st thing I have learned this time is that the spirituality is about life, never far away from the Reality we created from our own perception. I am very grateful for the opportunity for observing how I deal with various issues during this retreat. Am I becoming serious under stress? or Can I make no judgement when others have done something differently from my expectation ?

To me, this is ultimate test to see if I can apply what i have learned from Yoga into day to day life. Well...i fail quite often but i have faith in myself :P

One participant shared that this retreat has completely changed her perception on Yoga. In the past, her yoga experience was about to force herself into stretch. Now she has gained new perspective that Yoga has a broader meaning off the mat rather than a fitness exercise on the mat.

Every ending is a new beginning. Wish all of us shining through the challenges of life, just like Lotus, growing out of mud but still pure and untainted.

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