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Happy Ending 圓滿結束

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Happy Ending 圓滿結束

THE POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE / 冬季瑜伽營:自我轉化的無限可能性

轉眼間,瑜伽營已經結束了。從一個想法,到開始討論、規劃,一直至付諸行動,無不印證「境由心造 Mind creates Matters」。



The Winter Yoga Retreat is completed. From having an idea, discussing the plan and making it happened, it is truly the process of "Mind creates Matters"

I would like to thank my co-host partner Barbara, my parents and sister who helped me with organisation, friends who joined the retreat, my high school friends who runs Ilan Avignon B&B and the friends who have been caring and supporting me along the way. I found below quote describes very well how I feel about this retreat and would like to dedicate it to all of you :)

Thank you!

“All that you touch You Change. 你改變所有你接觸過的

All that you Change Changes you. 你所改變的改變了你

The only lasting truth is Change. 唯一真理就是「變」

God is Change.” 上帝就是「變」

― Octavia E. Butler

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