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圓滿 Completeness








他抬起頭, 笑著好開心,雙眸是如此清澈地望著我。






Several years ago I was walking passing by an elderly with mental disability in Taipei. He was selling stringed Magnolia flowers and I have seen him several times in this area. Even though I was in a hurry to go somewhere, I still stopped by and wanted to buy the last strings of flowers in his basket.

Instead of giving me good stringed ones, he slowly picked up few scattering flowers one by one and put them into a small plastic bag. I was puzzled by his behavior and wondered why he didn’t give me the good ones.

Nevertheless I didn’t interrupt him. I was waiting for him and the traffic light turned from red to green and green red again. After he put all scattering flowers into the bag, he picked up the last three stringed flowers and placed them in the bag too.

“ You are giving me so many flowers?” I was truly touched and surprised by his generosity and glad that I didn’t stop him due to impatience.

He raised his head, looked into my eyes gently and gave me the most beautiful smile I would never forget this life.

This encounter reminds me from time to time that we just have to be patient to see the completeness in our life story.

I remember there is a conversation about completeness with my Guru Prasad. He said that what we see as incomplete is complete in itself and if we see something incomplete that's because we have an idea a mental concept of what it is to be complete.

Just like withering lotus is a point forward towards the completion of life cycle, what do we perceive and what is the truth in life?

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