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瑜伽古籍《曼都卡奧義書》第一句:「Hari OM. 整個宇宙是OM。接下來的篇章都是在講述OM。過去、現在和未來正是OM,其超越時間、空間和一切因果緣起。」





It's very common that we chant OM in yoga classes but do we really understand the meaning of OM and how to chant OM correctly?

Mandukya Upanishad, first verse:

"Hari OM. The entire universe is the syllable Om. The following is the exposition of Om. Everything in the past, present and future is verily OM. That which is beyond time, space and causation is also Om."

Swami Rama once said in his book, Enlightenment without God, " OM is the syllable and sound that represents all levels of consciousness." In short, there are waking, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental states.

Apart from spirituality, there are also many health benefits by chanting Om. Many researches have shown that the blood pressure and heart rate can be lowered by regular Om chanting along with meditation. In one paper, it specifically suggests to chant Om at least 5 mins every day for health benefits*

Below video is from my Guru Prasad to explain and demonstrate how to chant Om properly. Many thanks to my Guru for allowing me to share his video with addition of subtitle in Chinese.


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