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Book Now! “BE GROUNDED AND BALANCED" with Senses, Sounds and Serenity. 「瑜珈靜心與喜馬拉雅頌缽」現在開放線上預約,席位有限,趕快報名!

September 27, 2016


“BE GROUNDED AND BALANCED" with Senses, Sounds and Serenity at 10am to 12pm on Oct 8, 2016!  Limited mats, BOOK ONLINE NOW at http://www.yunyogaportraits.com!


10月8日早上10點至中午12點「Be Grounded & Balanced」瑜珈靜心與喜馬拉雅頌缽!現在開放線上預約,席位有限,趕快報名!


This class will focus on the qualities of grounding and balancing in life. Join us on a beautiful morning! 


GOOD NEWS! From 8th of October onward, there will be regular classes of Yoga, Meditation & Himalayan Singing Bowls. In addition to our Saturday class, we will open another two classes on 16th & 30th of October, Sunday.


1) Our participants on 24th & 25th of Sept can enjoy the promotions of purchasing 4 classes at the price of HKD1000 (Standard price is HKD350 per 2-hour class) with expiry date of 31st December 2016.


2) If you have missed our opening trials in Sept, there is a chance to join us on 8th of October at the price of HKD280! 


If it’s 1st trial and booking without purchasing the Pass of 4 classes, advance payment is required ☺


Remember to turn on your phone speaker and have a taste of this healing melody~ 






1) 為感謝九月份參與我們推廣日的朋友,特別推出僅港幣1000元即可購買4堂課的套票通行證(單堂課價格為港幣350元),並且可以用至今年底。
2) 如果您錯失了參與九月份推廣日,10月8日有另一個以HKD280試堂的推廣活動。敬請把握!





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