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“ By the science of Yoga,

to remember and experience the ever precious one

in yourself and others “



A Taiwanese living in Hong Kong. After years of deep soul-searching, I have discovered my passion in yoga, painting, photography and writing.


My Yoga journey is like returning home inward, slowly but surely.  I am lucky that the seed of Yoga was planted at age of 19 and finally sprouted in my 30s. In Yoga, I start to remember and experience the everlasting light within. The benefit of Yoga, not only holistic but also scientific, is applied to me as well as for everyone. 


Now I am creating my life stories with Art and Yoga. That is to feel from one’s heart and to express from one’s angle, an angle of the soul. I believe that every artwork is not meant to be perfect but certainly evolving along the path of a personal calling. 


Art can be a great means into self-inquiry and understandings. In addition to Yoga teaching, I also design and facilitate art-based program into yoga workshop and retreat. Latest information on Yoga and photography can be found on Facebook at Yun.Yoga.Portrait or follow me on instagram at melinda.juang. 


If you are interested in my Art and Yoga class or have any feedback, I would love to hear from you!



YunYunJuang (Melinda)

“ 透過瑜珈的科學,


那永恆珍貴的光與愛... ”










莊芸芸 (Melinda)

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