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My Guru


I attended my 1st yoga class at the age of 19 and since then there have been many respectful teachers who inspire me in various aspects.  As for my Guru Prasad, he is the one who walked and guided me on the path of life transformation. 

在瑜珈學習的路上,受惠於許多導師的教導。其中,以我的上師Prasad Rangnekar 影響我深遠。

Prasad Rangnekar


Master Prasad is my dear Guru who makes me realize that we are beyond the gross body. In my spiritual and real life, he is like a protective father, nurturing mother and truthful friend who transform me to become a better person.  


I went to India for 3 weeks to attend 200 hours traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with him in 2016.


Prasad 上師的網站​

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