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Updated: May 20, 2020






若繼續這樣的思維模式,會造成很多不必要的誤會和衝突 ,進而纏困住生命的成長。






Recently I have been reading Dr. Brene Brown’s book. She mentioned another neurologist, Robert Burton, explains that our brains reward us with dopamine when we recognize and complete patterns. Stories are patterns. The brain recognizes the familiar beginning-middle-end structure of a story and rewards us for clearing up the ambiguity. Unfortunately, we don’t need to be accurate, just certain. In short, Dr. Brene Brown concluded that the tricky part is that the promise of the sensation can seduce us into shutting down the uncertainty and vulnerability that are often necessary for getting to the truth. She further suggests a very useful tactic to bring more awareness into this by always adding, “ the story I am making up is ...” in every beginning of our inner story. I personally find it very practical and useful for breaking the habitual thought patterns. In my path of Yoga, I am benefited by the wisdom of scriptures and the guidance of my Guru. What I have learned from them to be conscious of my words, thoughts and actions is exactly to intercept this kind of story-telling patterns. This is awareness in life.

註一 資料來源:風傳媒「科學證實大腦主宰了你的幸福感!」

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