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您認為什麼是“哈達瑜珈 Hatha Yoga”呢?





How would you define Hatha Yoga? Is it a style?

What is your understanding?

In the past, I naively and incorrectly considered Hatha Yoga as a style. Luckily now I have a Guru who removed my ignorance and guides me in the Path of Yoga.

Yoga is not just Asana but a way to self-transformation. Yoga Asana can help to improve and maintain our health so it will be easier to turn our attention inward. Just imagine if we have a poor physical condition and feel tired most of time, will we still have additional energy to focus inward and to do good deeds for others?

Below is the post from Master Prasad, I repost here for those who are interested


Hatha Yoga is not a style of doing postures but a comprehensive orientation of theory and practices that lead the practitioner beyond suffering through complete self-understanding.


Hatha Yoga started not as a 'style' but is a movement, a movement towards personal transformation and inclusive social change. The origins of Hatha Yoga are based in activism and rebellion against the prevalent Brahminical hegemony, ritualistic dogmas and perverse Tantric practices. Over past 10 centuries the main propagator of Hatha Yoga, Mahayogi GorakhNath, has inspired a long lineage of saints who have consistently rebelled against the oppressive societal order of their times and created change in their respective communities.

瑜伽從最初就不是一種「風格」,而是一種「革新」。這種革新,不單是個人的轉化,更包含了社會的革新。哈達瑜珈始於針對於婆羅門階級領導霸權、固化教條以及走偏變調的密宗修煉的反抗。千年以來,哈達瑜珈主要的宣揚者 Mahayogi GorakhNath,啟發了是世代代的無數聖者,去對抗社會教條的壓迫以及對動自身所處社群的改革。

To break the dictates of caste system the order of Hatha Yogis were open to all seekers beyond race, religion and gender. If one takes a look at the main Gurus of the Hatha Yoga order one can see that the list comprises those from lower castes, handicaps, women and social out-castes.


The main focus of Hatha Yoga sadhana is mental regulation and release from the web of objective reality to bringing the mind back to its natural (Sahaja) state of infinite potential. With this essence at heart, the lineages of Hatha Yogis focused more on personal transformation and social change rather than being limited only to philosophical sophistry and intellectual regurgitation.

哈達瑜珈修煉的主要目的是調節心智(mental regulation),並將其從客體實像的網中釋放出來,回歸到自生本覺知的無限潛能。以此為本,世代的哈達瑜珈行者致力於個人轉化以及社會改革,而非於淪為哲理詭辯以及智識的反芻

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