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The foundation of reality that we understand as ‘my life’ has been unconsciously built using data collected from the senses, information gathered from external sources, beliefs planted by family and dictates of the society. After years of living we've ended up becoming someone we ourselves have no clue about !


Through life we have managed to construct a self-concept - the “I”. We anxiously go about staking claim to experiences and objects that revolve around this 'I' calling it ‘my’ life.


Living a life that is purely based on other’s opinion of us and trying to live up to their ideas of reality is an exhausting task.


It takes tremendous grit, patience and endurance to move away from a life based on other's opinion and go through a conscious process of creating life out of our own unique experience.


This is the real meaning of spirituality – it rewrites our whole life story and this can be very scary.


As Yogis we worship the Sun. The Sun shines in its own light. It has its own fuel and shines in its own glory. It is self-effulgent and self-sufficient. This is why the Sun is a symbol of Absolute Truth in Yogic tradition.


Gather courage and dare to look at the inner Sun. Let its fire burn away all that you are not. Let its light lead you out of the darkness of ignorance. Be the Light that you have hidden away from all your life..

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