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願以此文和翻譯,與有緣人分享:) 照片左邊是Saint Dnyaneshwar (聖人 迪雅涅殊哇) 照片中間是Maha Yogi Gorakh Nath (大瑜珈士 古羅納特) 照片右邊是 Adi Shankara (阿迪.商羯羅)


對於這三位聖者,我有著無限的感恩。 大瑜珈士 古羅納特(Gorakhnath)獨立地整頓了當時假借譚崔(Tantra)之名,行荒誕墮落之實的各種儀式,並不分種族、階級和性別,將瑜珈推廣至社會上的每個人。因為他,體位法才能如此普及,造福著我們,但也許當代大部分練習瑜珈的人都不知道他是誰。 聖人 迪雅涅殊哇 (Dyaneshwar Mauli) 將奉愛(Bhakti)的精神加入哈達瑜珈之中,儘管受到婆羅門的迫害,仍並以此向大眾推廣哈達瑜珈。在短短的21年生命中,他啟發了無數的奉愛聖賢(Bhakti Saints),八百年來,前濤後浪,勇敢抵抗宗教教條和霸權。 阿迪.商羯羅 (Adi Shankara) 是位前所未見、最偉大的印度靈性聖哲之一,並且我認為他也是一位管理大師。他身為不二論吠壇多派的集大成者,認為每個人最真實的本質都是「無限意識」。(譯者註:梵我如一)。



Below is the article posted from my Guru Prasad from last year. It’s about three Saints who contributed greatly in yoga history. I wanted to translate it into Chinese at that time but it took me more than a year to do so. By learning about this history, we can further understand that Yoga is neither physical exercise nor self-centred activity. It’s a history of self as well as social reform.

Dnyaneshwar Mauli, Gorakh Nath and Adi Shankara, I can never be thankful enough for them. Gorakhnath, single-handedly cleansed the perverse rituals that were prevalent in the name of Tantra and opened the field of Yoga to everyone beyond race, caste and gender. Modern Yoga owes a lot to him for the asana that we practice but perhaps many contemporary Yogis are not even aware of his existence. Dnyaneshwar Mauli, who brought the message of Hatha Yoga to the masses by sweetening it with the potion of Bhakti in spite of persecution from the high caste Brahmins. His extensive work in a short life span of 21 years has inspired a long lineage of Bhakti saints who have courageously stood against religious dogma and hegemony over last 800 years. And finally, Adi Shankara, who I consider as a master administrator apart from being one of the greatest spiritual philosopher India has ever seen. As the propagator of Advaita Vedanta view, he brought to the people the message of everyone being infinite consciousness in their truest sense. This Thursday, the day of the Guru, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to these three who have always motivated me by their spiritual work and social activism. Yoga is not always about sitting in a cave and being self-absorbed. These Yogis have inspired many generations over the last millennia to transform ourselves and inspire others. Adesh !

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