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"I AM LOVE" with Senses, Sounds and Serenity 「我是愛」-瑜珈靜心與頌缽

"I AM LOVE" with Senses, Sounds and Serenity- Thank you for joining us today!


Every yoga pose has an inner quality. Today the topic is "I AM LOVE". We tried to bring LOVE in our every breath and every movement. In the end of class, we drank energy lemon water and shared how we felt in the class. Someone shared her feelings about the harmony in sound therapy and some other raised question about flexibility.


Our body reacts naturally to sound vibration. That's why when we are in the nature, either by a creek, on the beach or in the forest, the sound of air flowing through leaves or the waves crashing onto seashore soothes and relaxes us right away. The sound from singing bowls is gentle and harmonious. No more words are needed to explain as everyone can feel its healing quality.


In modern Yoga, people seek for flexibility, more ,more and more. However, flexibility in Yoga is a quality. Can we bring this quality out of mat into life? This is the question we should ponder further. On the other hand, without strength, keep pushing on flexibility has its risk on a physical level. Outwardly flexibility should go hand in hand with strengthening; inwardly, we need to keep these two qualities, strength & flexibility, in balance.


Thank you so much once more for bringing us such great energy and love today.


Ai and I are most grateful to your Guru Prasad for his teachings and blessings.

We were so excited in the end and totally forgot to take the group photo !!! Therefore, I can only use below graphic to represent our love today!


Our next class on 8th of October is about Grounding and Balancing!!! See you all soon!


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