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My Guru 我的上師

Updated: May 5, 2020

Master Prasad is my dear Guru who makes me realize that we are beyond the gross body. In my spiritual and real life, he is like a protective father, nurturing mother and truthful friend who transform me to become a better person.

He started his silence practice this week and it will last about 4 months. I won't be able to contact him but know he is always with us, truthfully and never far away. In his silence, I am devoted to the path of Yoga and transforming my life step by step.


Master Prasad這週開始了他的禁語修行,大概會持續四個月。這段期間,我無法與他聯繫,但我明白他永遠在學生的身旁,如此真誠、從未遠離。在他修行期間,我持續堅定地走著瑜珈這條路,一步一步地轉化自己。

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