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We were born with peace and inner light in ourselves, so Look Within 內心寧靜的光與生俱來,向內探索吧!

I like to portrait people so that's why I name my Facebook page and website as Some photographers like landscape and as for myself, I am always attracted to little things in life. They can be a dew drop, falling leaves or an facial expression shining through from heart.

Every time when we STOP posing in shooting, the outcome is always surprisingly amazing. It is surprising because we seldom know how we look like without our mind giving orders or pretending to be others.

In 2017, I would love to do more experiments on photography and painting. It's a year of creation with inner peace and light. I am looking forward to my future with sincere gratitude.

Many thanks to my dear friend, Angela, for allowing me to portrait her. Best wish to her new adventure in New York.

Wish all of my friends abundance and bliss in 2017~






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