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2017 Winter Retreat: THE POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE / 冬季瑜伽營:自我轉化的無限可能性

Updated: May 4, 2020

„THE POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE“ „Everything is an infinite flux. Change is everywhere, also within us. We own this inherent ability to create and destroy, to envision and let go again. We live a life of constant transformation. Enter this natural flow and you will be carried like a boat on the streams of life.“ Embracing the changes that are happening and becoming aware of what is in the here and now allows us to take initiatives to transform our life. We will explore what change is, experience the potential of change with awareness, embrace and initiate. We will deepen our understanding of the ancient yogic knowledge about change and transition, including the the theory of the seven chakras and the 3 basic qualities of everything called gunas. Together we are going to explore our possibilities of change through Yoga. We will spend 3 days in a peaceful village in Yilan, Taiwan surrounded by hills and a beautiful lake nearby. WHAT: A Yoga Retreat about Change and Initiative WHEN: 4 days + 3 nights 14th - 17th December 2017 WHERE: Avignon B&B, Yilan, Taiwan All meals will be vegetarian. HOSTED BY: BE IN TOUCH & Yun.Yoga.Portrait 20% discount for Early Bird! Details and Register at

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​Retreat Features 1. „CHANGE“ OF TIME AND SPACE The retreat will take place near the pittoresque Wang Long Pi, a natural area with lush green hills and a scenic lake. Experience the impact on you within the 4 days away from your usual environment. 2. „CHANGE“ IN THE EYES OF YOGA PHILOSOPHY - What is change? - The potential of change with awareness, embrace and initiative - Seven chakras (The power of liberation and manifestation) 3. „CHANGE“ AND IT’S CHALLENGES from a PSYCHO-SOMATIC POINT OF VIEW - Which challenges do we encounter and how can we utilise them for our growth? - Why are we afraid of „change“ and what happens when we initiate „change“? 4. „CHANGE“ - A NATURAL FLOW OF LIFE - Explore the creative aspect of change with Watercolour Meditation on Chakras. - The possibility of change is within as the river of life is flowing through us. “自化的性” “生命流轉不息,分分秒秒, 萬物都在改變當中, 而最深層的轉變發自內心...” 我們每個人都有與生俱來的能力,去夢想,去創造,甚至終結一切,決定放手,那一種原生與重生的力量。 生命是一連串的轉化過程,看似陰晴圓缺,充滿宿命,但是否真的如此? 「瑜珈」是一門古老的自我轉化科學。我們將會在靜心營中,透過瑜伽的智慧,包括七個脈輪、自然萬事萬物的三種本質等,一起探索「什麼是轉變?」,並覺知(Aware)、接受(Embrace),進而積極開啟(Initiate)轉變的大門。 四天三夜,我們將在一個依山傍水的宜蘭鄉村,感受自我轉化的深層力量。 主題: 一個關於「改變」與「創造」的瑜珈靜心營 時間: 4 天 + 3 夜 2017年12月14日至17日(四、五、六、日) 地點: 宜蘭亞維儂民宿 靜心營餐點皆為素食 主辦單位:BE IN TOUCH 以及 Yun.Yoga.Portrait 九月底前,早鳥八折優惠,趕快報名! 詳情與報名,請至以下網站:



靜心營特點: 1. 「改變」的時間與空間 靜心營活動與住宿地點位於宜蘭的望龍埤附近,步行只需五分鐘,依山傍水,鳥語花香,心情舒暢。四天身處全然不同的空間,讓人靜心沈澱。 2. 「改變」根據古老的瑜伽智慧 - 什麼是「改變」? - 覺察、接受與創造改變的可能性 - 生命七脈輪 (自由解放與創造顯化的兩股力量) 3. 「改變」以及其挑戰,從身心層面(Psycho-Somatic)開始 - 面對改變,我們會遇到怎樣的挑戰,以及如何善用挑戰來幫助自己成長 - 為什麼我們害怕改變?當我們主動改變自己人生時,接下來會發生什麼? 4. 「改變」,一種生命的自然流動 - 脈輪水彩靜心,一點一滴,進入內心的世界 - 境由心轉,改變的無限可能在於內心,操之在己。

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