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Pasayadan是十三世紀末聖人Jnaneswhar (音譯:格涅殊哇)所寫的世界祈禱文。

聖人格涅殊哇為瑜珈古籍「薄伽梵歌Bhagavad Gita」寫了九千字的評論,是將「薄伽梵歌」帶給普羅大眾的第一人。




Aata vishwaatmakey deve, yene vaagyadne toshaavey, toshoni muz dyaave, pasaydaan hey…


Jey Khalaanchi vyankati saando, tayaa satkarmi rati vaadho, bhootan parasparey pado, maitra jeevanche


Duritanche timir javo, vishwa swadharma surye paho, jo jey vaanchil to tey laaho praani jaat…


Varshat sakalmanagali, ishwarnishthaanchi maandiyaali, anavarata bhumandali, bhet tu bhoota…


Chala kalpatarunche aarava, chetanaa chintaamaniche gaava, bolatey je arnav, piyushaanche…

搖曳之林園有著應許之樹;意識群居之地有著允諾之珠。 那些聖人們(悟道者),雄辯的海洋,充滿了神聖虔誠的花蜜。

Chandrame jey alaanchana, maartanda jey taapahina, tey sarvaa hi sadaa sajjana, soyarey ho tu…

如月般皎潔而無暇,如日般光輝卻不灼熱。 一視同仁,那些聖人們,變成如親友般可親可愛。

Kimbahunaa sarvasukhi, purna hovuni tihi loki, bhuji jo aadipurushi, akhandita… 讓所有生靈永遠全然快樂,於三界(地獄、世間、天堂)裡完全滿足。


Aaani grunthopajiviye, visheshi loki iye, drustha-adrushta vijaye, hoaavey ji


Yeth mhaney shri vishveshwara ho, ha hoyil daana pasaavo, yene varey dnyanadevo, sukhiya jhaala…



This video was recorded during Guru Prasad's trip to Taiwan this year. He chanted this world prayer in a beginning of a talk with Master Chi-De.

The voice of Guru Prasad and the compassionate smile of Master Chi-De radiated such joy and peace to the audience. With their blessings, here it's video and lyric.

Papayadan is the world prayer written by Saint Jnaneshwar Maharaji. It is not just a prayer but a reminder to us of the attitude that we all need to cultivate in our mind and in our life. Chanting and reflecting on its meaning opens the heart, evokes compassion and makes one see the unity in the seeming diverse world. Pasayasan can be found in the last section of Jnaneswhari, Jnaneswhar Maharaj's 9000 verse commentary on the Bhagavad Gita.

Below is the translation of lyrics in English:

Now, O’Lord of the universe, receive my offering made in the form of words and grant me your blessing.May the evil-minded, the wickedness shed. May their intellect turn to pious and good deeds instead. May all living beings find themselves together in friendly ties of soul companionship. May the darkness of ignorance go away, may the universe be lit by the Sun of consciousness that resides in everyone. May everyone get what they seek.

Shower everyone with your grace. May the world be filled with those who believe (have faith) in Divine goodness. May the earthlings filled with love meet you(Divine) ceaselessly.

Moving groves of wish granting trees. Colonies of conscious wish fulfilling jewels. These saints(transformed people) are speaking oceans, full of pious Divine nectar.

The Moon without smear, the Sun without a hot sear. Always to one and all, these hallowed saints. Become kith and kin dear.

Let all beings always be completely happy, full content in all the three worlds(Hell, Earth and Heaven). Eternally engrossed and merged in devotion of the ultimate Divine.

And may those who live by this scripture Divine, eternally guiding all living beings, be victorious over the seen and the unforeseen, in this world and beyond.

Here the lord of the universe says, “This is the most charitable gift indeed, the gift of divine grace”, thus Dnyaneshwar becomes blissfully happy.

English lyric translation is from training manual of yogaprasad institute.


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